The Real Reason So Many Fail On The Internet Today..

If you’re like me, you’re probably sick and tired of all the get-rich-quick ‘Internet Marketing‘ programs out there that claim how rich you can get with a few clicks of a mouse. 

What you may not know is that 99% of these program’s products and services ONLY apply to that business opportunity. And the great majority of those using the products are only doing so because there is an income opportunity attached to it. 

Bottom line – 99% of these program’s products and services do NOT transfer to the “real world.” Traditional business owners CANNOT (and would not) use the product to build their business. This means you get caught marketing in a teeny, tiny world of Business Opportunity seekers only. Not good. And a BIG reason why so many fail.

Very few will tell you this.

This is why in 2013, we launched the “first ever” Internet Marketing Affiliate Program with a Mobile Marketing product line. we were sick and tired of seeing people selling “air” on the Internet. we knew the Internet was here to stay and I knew Mobile was maturing into THE next big media of our lifetime. Business owners today are hungry for Mobile Marketing services. Just like they were hungry for Internet Marketing services “five years ago.”

The times have changed. The Internet and Mobile combined is the path, the perfect marriage, a two-headed force that can’t be beat, and an income-generator that may not be seen again…

In the 2nd half of 2014, the NEW Mobile-Net will eclipse the Internet. 

The question is, will you be in a position to cash in on it? Or will you be reading about those who did? The choice is yours. The plan is here.

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Finally, a simple, smart business you can run from home that capitalizes on the Mobile explosion, and one that you can be proud of…

Lars Persson

The Old Internet Is Dead (Controversial Pic Proves It)

I was blown away when I saw this picture below. In only a few years we’ve gone from a Desktop world to a Mobile world…

Do YOU, as a business owner or entrepreneur, have a Mobile List Building strategy (yourmost important asset in our new Mobile Economy)? Is Mobile Marketing a piece of your marketing portfolio? Are YOU in a position to cash in on the Mobile Revolution just like the early adopters did when the Internet Revolution took off (at the time of the top picture below, 2005).

If not, you’re gambling, BIG time. And you’re falling behind. The good news is, it’s not too late to get in the game and get “in front” of the massive Mobile trend unfolding. The winners are making the shift to Mobile now. The losers are still chasing the Internet as a means of building income and wealth, still building blogs I think, or something. Waayyyy late. It’s the “combination” of the Internet and Mobile that is creating business breakthroughs….

The old Inter-Net is dead. The new Mobile-Net is creating fortunes.

Where are YOU positioned? Old or New? In front or behind?

It’s just a decision.

Special NEW video shows you how to “get in front” and cash in on Mobile Revolution NOW, in 2014, before it’s too late and you’re reading about it (past tense)…..

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(time sensitive. This could be the most important 30-min. video you ever watch.)


Welcome to the new Mobile-Net…

Special NEW video shows you how to “get in front” and cash in on Mobile Revolution NOW, in 2014, before it’s too late and you’re reading about it (past tense)…..

Watch It HERE 

(time sensitive. This could be the most important 30-min. video you ever watch.)

 See you over there…

Lars Persson – Mobile Marketin Adviser


“How To Take Relationships To A Higher Level (The Secret)” – Find Out HOW Here 

I don’t think anyone would disagree today that the more connected we are, the moredisconnected we actually are. The reason: we are too plugged in all the time and as a result, way too distracted. This actually damages our ability to connect with our customers, clients and team members (and friends and family).

I just read this, and it’s spot on, and extremely important to be aware of…

“As the Internet and other new media technologies continue to destabilize our established ways of communicating – advertising, public relations, direct mail, customer service, corporate communications, and more – text-based mobile campaigns offer a unique solution to the contemporary disconnect, not only restoring lost connections but taking existing relationships to a higher level.” *

So true. The reason…

“Texts have by far the widest reach of any form of communication (in history) making text messaging the most effective way to reach both rich people and poor people and bridge the digital divide.” *

This is why I put together the ultimate Text Message Marketing and Mobile List Building platform for small business owners and Entrepreneurs, to give them a huge edge and the ability to connect at much higher levels. And… I created one of the most lucrative Affiliate Marketing models in existence around the platform.

This sets up a major double benefit for those savvy enough to see the big picture:

1) A powerful, turn-key Mobile Marketing Text Messaging system that gives you the ability to connect with your audience at higher levels (there is nothing more important in business right now)

2) A turn-key business system that pays you handsomely to bring the system to others. Simple. Powerful. The perfect business for our new Mobile Economy

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CAUTION: Still, many think SMS Text Messaging is only for personal use… just like many thought in the mid 90’s that Email was only for personal use. Even in the very early days of civilization, many thought “electricity” would only be useful to some… Imagine that. The BIG secret behind the smartest businesses (and business owners) in the world – they’re always thinking a few steps ahead of the masses.

“Text messaging, as with Email, as with the World Wide Web, and as with electricity, makes up the fabric of the way we communicate. It’s not an alternative to Email, TV, websites – it’s a powerful addition and must be added to a businesses media mix. And if used correctly, it can revolutionize the way that businesses and organizations communicate with their users.” *

Are you and your business in this game yet? If not, why? And even if you do not have a business use for it (yet), why not start a business that give you the opportunity to bring THE #1 form of communication to other small business owners and Entrepreneurs and get paid handsomely for doing so? If they don’t get it from you, they certainly will be getting it from someone else in the months and years ahead….

Could be the biggest no-brainer in history, right? ;)

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See you over there…

Lars Persson

* [Source: The Mobile Marketing Revolution by Jed Alpert]  


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